January 28, 2023

Is Biden considering Hillary Clinton for UN ambassador role?

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Biden has already begun assembling his coronavirus taskforce, and in the coming months will need to choose the members of his cabinet. As the nation awaits election results and the outcome of President Trumps court filings and the allegation of voter fraud that is being presented and reviewed. Joe Biden is reported to be considering Hilary Clinton for a role in his administration, with the former secretary of state in the running to become the US ambassador to the United Nations.

Sources have reported that it “would be a way for Biden to highlight the importance of that position in his administration, and that placing her there would raise the prestige of the UN itself at a time when global cooperation and the US role on the world stage, has ebbed”. Is Hilary the pick and the right fit for the current state of America? Biden’s cabinet picks may seem historical but have these individuals and will these individuals continue to direct America in its entirety in the right direction?

And will Biden become the 46th President of the United States.