September 25, 2023

The Political Establishments Gavel Rules Against The Trump Campaign

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On Wednesday November 25th, Trump Campaign’s Legal Team headed by Rudy Giuliani presented their evidence of widespread voter fraud during the November 3rd election, to the Pennsylvania State Senate Legislature.  

In Giuliani’s opening statement he stated: “I know crooks really well. You give ’em an inch and they take a mile. And you give them a mile and they take your whole country. Your election – because of these two counties, and maybe one other – is a sham,”

Then President Trump made the following statement by phone:

“I really appreciate being asked to speak and I am in the Oval Office right now, and it is very interesting to see what is going on and this was an election we won easily. We won it by a lot. This is not the United States of America,” Trump said.

“This election was rigged and we can’t let that happen. This election has to be turned around,” he added.

On that same day, Judge Patricia McCullough for the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania ruled to halt certification of state election results. The order was pending until Fridays evidentiary hearing; however the Evidentiary Hearing was cancelled due to Governor Tom Wolf, along with other State Officials condemning the order and  filing an Appeal, with the Federal Court of Appeals.

Tom Wolf Pennsylvania Governor statement below:

“Since the birth of our nation nearly 250 years ago, no court has ever issued an order purporting to interfere with a state’s ascertainment of its presidential electors — until today. There is no conceivable justification for the lower court’s issuance of such an order in this case,”

On Friday November 27th the US Court of Appeals in the Third Circuit denied President Trumps’ Challenge disregarding the enormous amount of voter fraud evidence that was presented during the hearing. The courts stated ” Pennsylvania law is willing to overlook many technical defects. It favors counting votes as long as there is no fraud.” Indeed, the Campaign has already litigated and lost many of these issues in the state courts”.

Rudy Giuliani stated “ there is no way to certify or approve the authenticity of a mail in ballot once it is separated from its original envelope. This is why the process requires a Republican, Democrat or Third Party to view the envelope in the ballot during the separating process, to authenticate that the ballot is legal.

President Trump’s legal advisor tweeted the following in response to the Federal Courts ruling:

Although Governor Wolf may be correct in implying that since the birth of our nation no court has ever issues an order to halt certification of a state’s election results, but our nation has not been face with a potential election fraud scandal to this magnitude. With the state of our nation at risk extreme cases should call for extreme measures. Do we not still live by the principles of ” Freedom and Justice for all?”

Lets see what other road block the The Political Establishments has next.

-Reported by Johnny Newz