October 4, 2022

As Congress Throws a Tantrum Americans Suffer

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As CNN reporter Dana Bash attempted to interrupt Senator Roy Blunt as he explained how he thinks the reason for the delay of the stimulus package was because, “Congress did not want to give President Trump the bill before the election and now they can’t seemed to figure out how to give it to him after the election.”

Senator Roy has been a huge advocate for the stimulus package, pushing for funding for the vaccines, the delivery of the vaccine, paycheck protection efforts, direct money to struggling families and some extension of unemployment.

Senator Roy went on to say ” But the problem was that our friends on the other side of the building thought that it was 2.4 billion or nothing, half of that would’ve made a big different and then after the 1st of the year we could have dealt with this again. The President was prepared to sign almost any size bill.”

Today a bipartisan Senate group of lawmakers proposed a $908 billion stimulus package, that includes $228 billion to extend and upgrade “paycheck protection” subsidies for businesses for a second round of relief to hard-hit businesses like restaurants. It would revive a special jobless benefit, but at a reduced level of $300 per week rather than the $600 benefit enacted in March. State and local governments would receive $160 billion, and there is also money for vaccines.

Back in October The Senate voted on a Republican crafted bill, which included about $500 billion in aid, but unfortunately ended up falling short voting 51-44 of the 60 votes needed for the legislation to advance. Republicans, broadly, supported moving ahead with the legislation while Democrats did not.

Pelosi, D-Calif., and McConnell were amongst the leaders who rejected the previous stimulus package proposal. As they continue to play politics with struggling families and business owners. Setting strict regulations on relief funds and strict lockdown guidelines as they continue to enjoy salon days and holidays with their families.