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With the overwhelming evidence of election fraud that the Trump campaign has presented in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin and during the Georgia hearing why would Trump concede?

Let’s analyze the evidence and fact check the fact checkers: Hundreds of USB drives are missing, and video evidence has surfaced showing a poll worker suspiciously handling USB drives.

At Approximately 1030pm on November 3rd election officials at the Georgia State Farm Arena announced that they have stopped counting ballots due to a water leak. Time stamped video evidence provided during the Georgia hearing shows poll worker sending other poll workers home including the news media, and poll watchers. What appears to be the lead poll worker and three others stayed behind and proceeded to count ballots from 4 suitcases, that were located under a table that contained an estimated 6000 ballots in each case, this occurred between 1030pm and 1am in secret, defying all Georgia ballot counting laws.

Can the Thousands of American people, who signed sworn affidavits be lying?

If there is an explanation for counting ballots in secrets and missing USB drives, why not follow protocol? Why risk an honest victory?

Does a person hide evidence because they’re honest or do they hide evidence because they are a thief ? As Giuliani stated during the Pennsylvania election hearing “I know crooks really well. You give ’em an inch and they take a mile. And you give them a mile and they take your whole country.”

Even today millions of Americans continue to protest this election in support of President Trump and the freedom of all Americans. Where are the Biden supporters? Why have they not taken to the streets in support of this ” fair election” or in support of freedom for all Americans?

For months Black Lives Matters pushed a narrative igniting protest and louting calling for equality, and now the freedom of all Americans and the voices of over 80 million Americans black and white are at risk and where are they? This fight is not red or blue, it’s not black nor white it is about freedom and justice for all.

Should Biden concede? The American people have spoken!