June 20, 2024

Restaurants workers face unemployment again as some states shutdown

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Restaurant workers are being thrown out of work as governors and local officials in mostly democratic states shut down indoor dining and drinking establishments to combat the nationwide surge in coronavirus infections.

And the timing, just before the holidays, couldn’t be worse.

Restaurant owner Greg Morena in Los Angeles County was trying to figure out his next step after officials in the nation’s largest county banned in-person dining for at least three weeks, beginning Wednesday. But he was mainly dreading having to notify his employees.

Data Shows that already nearly 16,000 restaurants have closed permanently due to the pandemic.

According to WebMD, Most people who get COVID-19, the disease caused by coronavirus will have only mild illness. What exactly does that mean? Mild COVID-19 cases will still can make you feel lousy. But you should be able to rest at home and recover fully without a trip to the hospital. Here’s what to expect and how to take care of yourself.

Coronavirus Recovery Rates

Scientists and researchers are constantly tracking infections and recoveries. , early estimates predict that the overall COVID-19 recovery rate is between 97% and 99.75%.

If the overall COVID-19 recovery rate is between 97% and 99.75% why are some states choosing to put small businesses and families at risk of losing everything due to financial hardship?

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