Los Angeles Voters, voted Yes to defunding the police

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Los Angeles voters approved “Reimagine LA County,” which will require 10 percent of the city’s unrestricted general funds which are estimated to be betweeen $360 million to around $900 million per fiscal year to be used for social services and alternatives to incarceration , these funds are not to be used for prisons and policing.

These budget cuts will take LAPD police staffing to its lowest level since 2008. The Los Angeles City Council voted to cut hiring at LAPD, this will take their police department to 9,757 officers by next summer.

Curren Price stated the funds cut from the LPD budget would be funneled in to services for Black, Latino and disenfranchised communities for program such as hiring and summer youth jobs.

The “ME TOO ” movement remains silent as the budget cuts also means dissolving the LAPDs sexual assault unit. As well as The Animal Cruelty Task Force will be dissolved, and other units such as Gangs and Narcotics and Commercial Crimes could also face cuts backs as well.

Back In July LA County Supes cut $45.5 Million from the LA Sheriff’s Budget and 49.1 million from Probation.