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A large crowd of Staten Island residents assembled outside of Mac’s Public House hours after the owner was arrested for not adhering to Governor Cuomo’s COVID mandates to abandon indoor dining during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.. Police Officers raided the Grant City establishment handing out a number of citations to the restaurants workers and the owners attorney.

Protesters and dozens of restaurant owners from across the Island came to show their support and to protest the arrest of the owner.

With nearly 6000 business closures, the New York region has seen a 40% bankruptcy surge and are headed for more with COVID regulations not taking in to consideration these businesses are peoples livelihood.

As Congress continues to sit on the stimulus bill, hopefully during the holiday season it does not continue to get worse For the people of New York. As the Catholic churches fought back, will we see businesses owners take it to the supreme courts and fight back.

Democratic Governors cannot continue to lead its cities to ruins and blame it on COVID-19.