Michigan GOP Congressman Upton Censured For Impeachment Vote

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Longtime U.S. Rep. Fred Upton has been condemned by the Allegan County Republican Party for his vote to impeach former President Donald Trump, this comes after backlash across the nation against 10 House Republicans who supported the impeachment.

The Allegan GOP’s executive committee during a meeting Thursday unanimously approved to censure Upton, Stating:

“We believe Congressman Upton’s vote is a betrayal of his oath of office and the core values of the Allegan County Republican Party,” the committee stated in the censure resolution. 

“We believe this vote ignored the voice of the voters in Allegan County and was against their interest.”

As mainstream media and the majority of Democratic Representatives, Senators and Congress members continue to refuse to acknowledge any voter fraud and move forward with the impeachment of former President Donald J. Trump, this continues to fuel backlash within the Republican party and divison not only in America but worldwide. The real agenda of the Democratic Party seems to be to keep America divided.