June 20, 2024

Newsmax will not support President Trumps attempts to overturn the election results

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In an interview with the New Yorker on Tuesday, Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy discussed Presidents Trump’s claims of voter fraud. When asked if Newsmax would support Presidents Trump attempts to overturn the election results, Mr Ruddy said that it would not.

Mehdi Hasan accused Newsmax’s post-election coverage as like “watching a parallel universe” as it continues to push disputed claims of widespread voter fraud.

“Like all the networks, and networks you’ve been on, there’s a lot of opinion hosts, and they have all sorts of things that I don’t subscribe to,” Ruddy replied. “I do believe in free discourse, I believe in people having their opinion. We’re not saying that that is accurate, “I do think that Donald Trump should concede when the certifications come in,” he said, adding that he “would not support going to state legislators to overturn the electors”.