June 20, 2024

How The Republican Establishment has Turned

1 min read

With a Key Republican turning their back on President Trump. With the embattled 2020 Presidential Election continuing to be contested by the Trump Campaigns legal team, Arizona once a Red State turned purple, governor has moved to certify Arizona’s election going against President Trump.

With this move, does this signal that the Established political Republicans, are moving forward, turning their backs on President Trump. Governor Ducey once a staunched Trump supporter, has clearly fired a shot at The President, shutting down voter fraud claims, by certifying the Arizona States election, yielding to the Established Political Machine.

Where is the Republican unity for President Trump, with Georgia Senate race looming in battle, now is the time for Republicans to band together, to not only hold the senate, but rally behind the Trump Campaign with ensuring proper recounts before certification. With embattled Republican controlled states not rallying behind the Trump campaign, does this send a bad message to conservative voters who are needed to get out and vote for Senator Purdue and Senator Loeffler in Georgia, for the Republicans to retain control of the US Senate.

President Trump continues to fight for the American people, but where is the fight from the Republican Party for the people?