June 20, 2024

The Establishments War Hawks Rise of Fury

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With Iran’s top scientist being killed on Friday November 27th, what does this do for the Middle East Region? With the US withdrawing hundreds if not thousands of Troops from the region, will the US see a troop resurgence in the Middle East

Under The Trump Administration , the US has been able to avoid major conflicts throughout the world. Holding true to his pledge of putting America first.

With the November 2020 elections being embattled, the war hawks have emerged from the shadows. The war hawks look to undo the peace that The Trump Administration has worked hard to achieve between Israel and the Middle East.

With the death of Iran’s top scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, what does this mean for the Middle East peace process, will Iran retaliate against those, who they suspect is behind the death of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh?

What will this mean for US Troops, who have seen twenty plus years of combat duty between Afghanistan & Iraq? Does this mean after four years of being state side or, stationary in peaceful areas under a quiet Trump Administration , will the US have to ready the troops for mobilization, to be sent back to the Middle East to maintain the stability of peace under a Biden/ Harris Administration?

With the reemergence of the Established War Hawks, will they have their way under a Biden/ Harris Administration? This is the first shot fired from the war hawks, who seeks to keep US troops drawn in conflicts.